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Surface Preparation

The appeal and durability of an epoxy floor requires a quality surface preparation. Floor grinding eliminates imperfections like bumps, rough repairs and general inconsistencies. Grinding will also remove paint or other overlay, allow the pores of the concrete to be exposed and increase absorption of the epoxy in the concrete for better adhesion.

Commercial Grade Grinding

We provide concrete grinding services to smooth and restore concrete surfaces for projects of all sizes. Grinding can be used to prep surfaces for stabilization, floor covering or finish coatings. Using commercial grade rotating disks, our machinery removes irregularities and old coatings.



Repairs of cracks and imperfections for a smooth surface will ensure that your epoxy floor will last for many years to come.  Imperfections will be repaired using commercial grade epoxy. Once the repair is cured, a final grind of the floor will be done to remove uneven material.

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